Our Values
     Don saw in the process of enterprise development, attaches great importance to cultivating their own corporate culture, and in the construction of enterprise culture into a lot of energy. Present enterprise culture has received wide recognition, and reflected in the organization and staff daily behavior, formed the tang saw group of organization atmosphere.
Respect for employees

Don saw has always been adhering to the "people-oriented" management concept, respect for each employee, let its higher level to the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity into full play.

Don saw is good at listening to employees as required, and be good at adopt staff rationalization proposal. Through the perfect positive incentive performance evaluation mechanism, let employees involved in management to motivate employees care about enterprise, and tang saw ", the advocacy ".

Integrity of the customer

"With the letter is made, no letter is failure". Integrity as core values, tang saw culture is tang saw the value of staff identity and conform to specifications. Don saw staff takes office, customer interests first, carefully build each saw blade.

Don saw employees have the high quality service level and service skills, always adhere to the "integrity customer" service tenet, patience to listen to customer needs, by heart to provide the omni-directional high-quality service for each customer, once promised, never broken.

To give back to society

Don saw as a brand enterprise, will all aspects of understanding and practice of social responsibility as a corporate citizen. Over the years, tang saw to provide jobs for dozens of people with disabilities, pension privileges veterans, care for elderly gentleman, establish fund of college student.

Don saw serious practice innovation of science and technology development, adhering to the concept of originality, with new products, new technology, new way of thinking leads the system saw rapid development of the industry.

To achieve a win-win

Win-win is lead the new trend in contemporary thinking mode, it is also the key factors for the steady development.

Don saw to staffs, build the atmosphere of enterprise and staff grow up together; Don saw to win-win with customers, let customers have good value, excellent quality and reasonable price of products and services; Don saw to benefit and the social from all walks of life to jointly create the humanism ecological environment of harmonious progress actively.

Enterprise vision  | The pursuit of sustainable development to build one hundred tang saw
Corporate mission |    Create national brand do saw industry pioneer
Business philosophy   |   Diligence, frugality, high efficiency and innovation
core value | Respect employees integrity customer feedback society realize win-win situation

Quality policy   |   Intention to create the perfect quality, a little bit of progress every day
Security concept     |   Safety first forever


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