Spring outing flowers, live up to the spring --Tangsaw company organized nanhu outing photography ac

Issuing time:2019-05-24 22:31

Spring has not gone, summer to early, may outing is the time! Tangsaw human resources department uses the weekend to organize the staff to participate in the outing photography activity.
        On May 18, the Human Resources Department prepared in advance and arranged it as a whole. Everyone gathered at the door of the company at 7:40 in the morning.Led by lu zhenfeng, deputy general manager of human resources, employees of all departments and their families gathered at nanhu danfeng chaoyang square.   
        The sky is clear, and the park is very refreshing after the rain.Tree shadow mottled, birds and flowers fragrant, everyone talking and laughing in twos and twos, running, walking, photographing,Use the lens to capture the moment of youth and freeze the most pleasant time.
        In order to fully mobilize everyone's enthusiasm,The Human Resources Department has prepared generous gifts for every employee and family member who participated in the event.At the same time, a public vote was also held on the entry for photography works,choosing excellent prize, popularity prize, lucky prize, participation prize and many other awards.It has greatly enriched employees' spare time life and enhanced the cohesion of the collective
        The participants expressed that they would devote themselves to their jobs with greater enthusiasm and make their own contributions to the vigorous development of the company.



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